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Internationally patented restroom door handle, avoid germs on the restroom door handle.

You have just washed your hands.
What about the person before you?

The SanitGrasp®  is the choice for those who are looking to improve the health and experience at their facility.  Until now the restroom door handle has been viewed as the last frontier for a hands free restroom.  The SanitGrasp® door handle is designed as a quick and easy retrofit and adheres to the strictest ADA standards.

This is the door handle you read about on the front page of The Wall Street Journal!

Restroom Decor: Germy Doorknobs Inspire Inventors
You Wash Your Hands But Since Others Don't, Check Out SanitGrasp
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• A quick retrofit
• Designed for an easy way to avoid germs on a door pull handle
• Adheres to the strictest ADA and ABA standards

On average 1 out of 3 people do not wash their hands.  The SanitGrasp® will help your customers and employees avoid many germs and viruses such as:
• E.Coli
• Hepatitis A
• H1N1 "Swine Flu"

The SanitGrasp® has been receiving significant press.  Shouldn't your facility be included?
• The Wall Street Journal (front page headline)
• CBS Sunday Morning National News
• The New York Times
• Numerous International television, newspaper and magazine coverage

Cost Savings
A door handle with a Return On Investment
• Eliminate the need to use a paper towel as a method of avoiding germs
• Comparalbe in cost to traditional Stainless Steel door pulls
• Reduce paper towel waste and debris

How to order?
Please give us a call for promotional and volume discounts.


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                    SanitGrasp®                      InstructionalSticker
                        4" x 16"                                   4" x 9"

The SanitGrasp® is the door handle that has been receiving significant news coverage and increased demand.

 (CBS News Video Hosted by Sanjay Gupta)



 Below are just a few notable locations that have added the SanitGrasp®

Max & Ermas
Taco Bell

Arkansas Secretary of State
Canton Township, MI
Citibank office parks
Exelon Nuclear Plant
Frito Lay
Georgia Federal Reserve
Land O' Lakes
Marine Corp Office
US Geneological Office

Ramada Inn
Ritz Carlton

Convenice Stores
Circle K